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New Investigator (NI) Program


ISRA began its NI Program (formally referred to as the Young Investigators Program) at the 2008 World Meeting in Budapest to encourage and assist new scholars who are getting started or are in the early stages of their aggression research career. The NI program at the July 2024 meeting in Munich, Germany will continue this tradition via a focus on supporting and facilitating the professional development of junior aggression scholars.
The NI Program will include:

1. A Pre-Conference NI Workshop: The 2024 Workshop will bring together NIs and group leaders to engage in didactic and group activities designed to support and facilitate NIs professional development and, ultimately, research-based career trajectories. Activities will include a focus on developing a research program, publishing in peer reviewed journals, and being competitive on the job market. Activities will also seek to help NI’s connect with senior scholars in the field.

2. Meet with mentors: NIs will meet with a different panel of senior mentors during lunch or dinner each day for informal discussion. Mentors may include plenary speakers who will be available for follow-up questions about their presentations.

3. Networking: NIs will meet with senior members of ISRA. They will also have opportunities to interact professionally and socially with other new investigators during and outside of the pre-conference workshop. Mutual support and fruitful collaborations have developed out of past NI interactions.

4. Financial support: Awardees will receive partial monetary support to attend the 2024 ISRA World Meeting.

NI PROGRAM APPLICATION: WHO AND HOW (Deadline extended to March 22, 2024)
We encourage graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty within 3 years of their terminal graduate degree to apply. The NI Review Committee selects NI participants based on the originality and promise of their work in human or animal, observational, experimental, or theoretical analyses of aggression.

Please submit the following materials via email to NI Co-Chair Dominic Parrott at by March 15th, 2024.

1. The abstract of the scientific work you have submitted for presentation at the ISRA 2024 meeting.
a. Note: You will submit this abstract twice: (1) A formal submission through the World Meeting submission portal (be sure to check the box to indicate that you wish to be considered for the NI Program, and (2) inclusion of this same abstract as part of your overall NI application materials submitted via email as indicated above.
2. A standard Curriculum Vitae
3. A 250-word statement summarizing your research interests and how participating in the NI Program would advance your professional development.
4. Doctoral students only: Please include a letter from your advisor verifying your student status.

Direct any questions about the New Investigators Program to NI Co-Chairs Dominic Parrott ( or Tom Gumpel ( Interested applicants can find more information about the New Investigators Program and previous NI’s on the ISRA website and at the New Investigator’s Corner.